People Making a Difference (PMD)

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People Making a Difference (PMD)

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Our mission

PMD seeks to create a world in which people and businesses are socially aware and engaged in their communities such that they approach volunteerism by learning about problems and needs, becoming familiar with local charities that are working to address them, volunteering reliably, and providing other needed resources to make a difference. Our vision is for everyone to be able to volunteer productively a few times a year so that together we make a real difference throughout the year while learning important things along the way.

Children, Education, Environment, Hunger, Senior Services

Board Treasurer

Desired skills: Accounting*, Board*

Board Chair

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Board Secretary

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Board Member

Desired skills: Accounting, Digital Marketing, Fundraising
About us

PMD involves and engages people through meaningful, hands-on work that meets local needs by following a strong service ethic to: produce appreciable results while conserving recipients’ limited resources, educate volunteers about broader issues, and bring people together to make a difference.