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Our board Help PMD engage more volunteers in helping charities who need volunteer assistance but lack the staffing and other resources to do so. Leverage your expertise and leadership skills so that more people can volunteer productively to make a difference to others and enrich their own lives in the process.
Currently, there are six members on PMD’s Board of Directors with the chair’s term ending in December. Board members serve staggered, three-year terms.
Position The PMD Board Chair works closely with PMD's founder (and sole paid staff person) to develop meeting agendas. PMD Board Directors are involved in the Greater Boston community professionally and personally; contribute “time, treasure, and talent” by attending all quarterly board meetings/conference calls; volunteering for PMD service projects and increasing PMD's volunteer base; identifying and cultivating prospective donors, contributors, and benefit attendees from personal circles to raise a collective $136,000 in operating income; attend, sell tickets for and organize benefits and other fundraising events; promote the positive public image of PMD; and receive governance experience, networking connections, and opportunities for direct impact on PMD, its volunteers, and charity partners.
Desired skills
Board*, Management
When Mutually available weeknights in winter )late January - early February), late April, plus weekend half-day in November (usually on second or third weekend) for a working meeting personalizing annual fundraising letters.
Where Downtown Boston or Randolph, MA (or conference call or zoom call due to pandemic/weather)
Commitment 5 to 7 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements Individual directors are expected to participate in the following activities:

  • Make personal financial contributions through annual appeal, annual benefit, and board-organized event every year. Though there is no set minimum, PMD must be among a member's top three philanthropic priorities.

  • Prepare for and participate in all 3-4 board meetings each year.

  • Volunteer for at least two PMD service projects each year.

  • Identify and cultivate donors and benefit attendees from one’s personal circle of friends, colleagues, family, etc.

  • Increase the volunteer base and then cultivate donations from this group.

  • Attend PMD’s annual benefit and actively encourage friends, colleagues, and family to purchase tickets, sponsor, or make donations in lieu of attending.

  • Promote the positive public image of PMD by generating enthusiasm for the organization and its projects in the community (e.g., participation in promotional events such as volunteer fairs, public forums, award events, and friend-raising events, social media about PMD events, etc.).

  • Inform the board president and chair of any situation which might be perceived as a conflict of interest with involvement on the board.


  1. Assuming that there is initial mutual interest, the resume, short biography, cover letter, telephone numbers, and other relevant supporting materials of the potential candidate ("potential") are distributed to all board directors.

  2. The potential should become acquainted with the typical work of PMD, whether by participating in a PMD service project, or if a candidate already has comparable, episodic volunteer experience, by meeting with our executive director to discuss similarities and differences.

  3. The potential receives a copy of the "PMD Board Director Responsibilities & Benefits" and discusses them with a person familiar with board activity.

  4. The potential meets as many board directors as possible, in person or by telephone, at least 40% of the current board directors, for serious discussion about PMD, about the potential, and about the potential's possible role as a board director.

  5. The potential also learns about liability issues that pertain to membership on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization, including but not limited to discussion of liability issues with a current board director.

  6. If mutual interest is still present, a member of the recruiting committee is appointed as the "sponsor" responsible for attesting that steps 1-5 have taken place to the extent practicable and appropriate for the particular potential. The sponsor officially nominates the potential.

  7. The board votes on the potential according to the by-laws, either at a board meeting or via electronic voting tallied and reported by the board clerk.

Our mission

PMD seeks to create a world in which people and businesses are socially aware and engaged in their communities such that they approach volunteerism by learning about problems and needs, becoming familiar with local charities that are working to address them, volunteering reliably, and providing other needed resources to make a difference. Our vision is for everyone to be able to volunteer productively a few times a year so that together we make a real difference throughout the year while learning important things along the way.

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