Book Recomendations

Louis Baptista’s Book recommendations

DEI for Trainers by Maria Morukian

Focuses on holistic organizational change and leadership development by taking you through the process of organizational assessment, design, and delivery; offers strategies for embedding DEI and promoting sustainability through collaborative practices and dialogues while allowing you to develop and understand your own identity lenses and biases. Reflection questions and worksheets are included in every chapter.

How to be an Inclusive Leader by Jennifer Brown

Offers a step-by-step journey for leaders and employees who want to create inclusive workplaces. She recognizes that inclusiveness starts with a spark to do better, and just that alone can drive the desire needed to evoke change.

Inclusion Revolution by Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Provides frank answers to why popular efforts fail. She then presents the definitive roadmap for revolution, through her dynamic step-by-step process

Inclusive Conversations by Mary-Frances Winters

Demonstrates how effective dialogue across different dimensions of diversity lends itself to many benefits.

Racial Justice at Work by Mary-France Winters

Offers strategic advice on how to adopt a justice mindset, anticipate and address resistance, shift power dynamics, and create a psychologically safe organizational culture.