Friends of the Rafael Hernández School, Inc.

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Friends of the Rafael Hernández School, Inc.

61 School St, Boston, MA 02119
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Our mission

The Friends of the Hernández (FOH) supports and advocates with the Rafael Hernández K-8 Dual Language Immersion School and the surrounding community. In collaboration with school staff, families, and partners, the organization increases access to high-quality after school programming, the arts, dual language instruction and contributes to the cultural fabric of our neighborhood.


Board Member – Governance

Desired skills: Digital Marketing, Finance*, Legal, Board*

Board Secretary

Desired skills: Human Resources, Legal, Public Relations, Strategy Consulting*, Board*, Management*

Board Member – Fundraising

Desired skills: Grants, Management, Marketing, Fundraising*

Board Member – HR

Desired skills: Coaching, Human Resources*
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