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Our mission

To foster excitement, confidence, and literacy in STEM for girls and young women from underrepresented communities with free, experiential community-based programs.


Committee Member – Finance

Desired skills: Accounting, Data Analysis, Finance*

Committee Member – Governance

Desired skills: Board*, Coaching*, Communications*, Diversity/Inclusion*, Human Resources*, Research*

Committee Member – Fundraising

Desired skills: Communications, Event Management, Fundraising*, Grants, Marketing, Social Media
Needs We do not have any specific needs at this time. Contact us to explore possible ways we could work together
How you help

Whether you have five minutes, or can commit five hours of your time, you can help remove a barrier to access and help participants connect with and stay interested in science. SCFG relies on support from partners to bring free, after school programs to girls in our community.

About us

With women making up less than 26 percent of the STEM workforce — and Black and Hispanic women at less than 4 percent — SCFG addresses a critical need, offering a continuum of engaging activities in STEM for K-8 girls, junior mentoring and leadership experiences for high school girls, and adult mentoring and role modeling by committed women with STEM careers. In 2016, 80% of our girls were from underrepresented communities and 100% went on to college, including to prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Brandeis, Boston and Northeastern Universities.