Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH)

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Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH)

143 Border St, Boston, Ma 02128, Usa
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Our mission

NOAH, the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, is an East Boston-based community development corporation structured to collaborate with and support residents and communities in their pursuit of affordable housing strategies, environmental justice, community planning, leadership development, and economic development opportunities.


Board Member – Finance

Desired skills: Accounting, Finance*

Board Member – Marketing/Events

Desired skills: Event Management, Communications*, Marketing*

Board Member – Fundraising

Desired skills: Business Development, Grants, Fundraising*

Board Member

Desired skills: Web Design, Legal*
Needs We do not have any specific needs at this time. Contact us to explore possible ways we could work together
How you help

Volunteers help make everything we do possible.

About us

NOAH is a not-for-profit East Boston-based community development corporation. Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH) began serving East Boston in 1987 as a two-person non-profit organization operating from a church basement. NOAH’s staff has since grown, and it is now in its 30th year as an award-winning multi-service community development corporation. NOAH actively works towards achieving the National Housing Goal of “a decent home and suitable living environment” for every family.