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FamilyAid Boston

3815 Washington St, Roslindale, Ma 02131, Usa
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Our mission

The mission of FamilyAid Boston is to prevent and end homelessness, one family at a time. We embrace a comprehensive approach that focuses on the individual strengths of each family and provide services to meet their unique needs.


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Needs We do not have any specific needs at this time. Contact us to explore possible ways we could work together
How you help

FamilyAid Boston relies on volunteers for a variety of work as we strive to end the crisis of family homelessness in Boston. You can help families directly by fixing up housing, organizing donation drives, or donating clothing, household items, and gift cards.

About us

FamilyAid Boston empowers parents and caregivers facing homelessness to secure and sustain housing and build strong foundations for their children’s futures. We are the longest serving provider of solutions to family homelessness in Greater Boston. We offer a combination of time-tested and innovative solutions to keep families in their homes whenever possible, provide shelter when needed, and support families to sustain housing over the long term. FamilyAid Boston provides shelter, housing, and hope to more than 1,500 parents and children each year.