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Position With child and family homelessness reaching crisis proportions in Boston (the city is ranked third for the highest number of homeless children and parents, with only New York City and Washington D.C. with higher numbers), FamilyAid Boston's each Member of the Board is tasked with supporting the professional staff by extending the agency's influence and advocacy, and greatly increasing the resources needed to support a increasing number of children and parents enrolling in its programs. Over the next five years the board will support the staff and management in quintupling private resources to support its program expansions. Additionally the board provides fiduciary oversight and organizational counsel to the executive management, through its committees, in the areas of program and personnel, finance, advocacy and fundraising.
Desired skills
Fundraising, Board*
When Generally, the last Monday of January April, June, September and November. Standing Board Committees: Advocacy, Programs & Personnel, and Fundraising meeting 6 times each year in the intervening months. Finance Committee meets every other month. Each board member must participate on at least one committee.
Where Virtually through COVID; Virtually, phone and at the agency's offices or a board member's downtown offices. to best meet the individual board members needs.
Commitment 3 to 5 hours/month
Donation Organization expects our board members to make sizable contributions. Please contact for more information.

  • Philosophically aligned to a 2-generation model of whole family support that focuses both on the parent and the child.

  • Philosophically aligned to the agency's mission and 6 core values: Dignity & Respect, Safety, Diversity, Collaboration, Pragmatism and a Result-Focused approach.

  • Has lived experience, connections to and/or a drive to support children and families facing housing instability and/or homelessness.

  • Willingness to advocate, influence and raise significant financial resources for the agency's work.

  • FamilyAid must be one of each board members' top three charities.

  • Make a personally significant financial contribution to the agency and obtain financial support from others (see below).

  • Able to provide up to 3-5 hours of service (board and committee meetings, special events) each month.

On-boarding Each Board Candidate meets with the President, and then the Board Chair and Vice Chair, with audited financial statements, strategic plans and the agency's current dashboard on progress towards its mission and financial objectives provided in advance. Final applicants are nominated in November and voted by the entire board for a 3-year term beginning January 1st. Board members have an opportunity to renew their membership in subsequent years. Each new Board Member then goes through a 4-hour orientation with the executive management, board officers and the board committee chair of the committee selected by the new board member on which they will participate.

Each new member receives a board binder of confidential board information, meeting schedules, rights and responsibilities of nonprofit board members as denoted by the Massachusetts Attorney General and other critical background information. Board members are formally welcomed onto the Board at its January meeting.
Our mission

The mission of FamilyAid Boston is to prevent and end homelessness, one family at a time. We embrace a comprehensive approach that focuses on the individual strengths of each family and provide services to meet their unique needs.

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