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Our mission

To empower immigrant youth to achieve academic, career, and personal success through inspiring out-of-school experiences.


Board Member – Finance

Desired skills: Accounting, Finance*

Board Member

Desired skills: Diversity/Inclusion, Board*, Human Resources*, Marketing*, Project Management*, Public Relations*
Needs We do not have any specific needs at this time. Contact us to explore possible ways we could work together
How you help

Our volunteers, partners, donors, and supporters help build that strong foundation by providing the support, guidance, and resources to empower Enroot students to set roots and spread their wings.

About us

Our team of adult mentors, tutors, instructors, and case managers helps empower students through a comprehensive multi-year program that facilitates each student to not only succeed, but fulfill their own American Dream. Students are given a lens through which to envision their future in new roles they otherwise might not have imagined. Students graduate college at twice the rate of their peer group, with significant increases in self-confidence and self-advocacy, having discovered unique skills and talents.