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Our board The Board of Directors role is to keep the organization on mission and financially stable. The board works closely with the Executive Director to set the vision for the organization and develop strategies to realize its mission. The Board of Directors holds the responsibility for setting governance policy for the organization.

Budget Buddies’s strategic plan calls for us to explore opportunities to take on a larger role in research-informed advocacy on behalf of our clients. As Budget Buddies works to financially empower women living on low amounts of income, we recognize - and consistently hear in our workshops about - the systemic barriers that women, especially women of color (67% of Budget Buddies’ participants), face as significant hindrances to becoming economically stable and independent. These systemic barriers relate to systemic racism, gender biases and ineffective policies that perpetuate unequal pay for women, prevent paid family leave, and often create “cliff effects” that cause many women to stay stuck in a cycle of poverty, sometimes for generations.

To achieve our mission of lifting women up through financial empowerment, Budget Buddies also needs to play a part in dismantling an unequal system that works against the women we serve. We aim to use the knowledge and insights we gain from participants, combined with industry research, to elevate the voices and experiences of our clients advocating for important playing field levelers such as equal pay for equal work, and contributing to industry initiatives (such as FSS, JobsPlus, etc.) related to eliminating cliff effects and increasing financial literacy, and re-evaluating credit scoring and monitoring.
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We’re currently looking for directors from diverse backgrounds to join our board. Budget Buddies is at an inflection point as our transition to a virtual platform provides the opportunity for us to better meet the increasing demand for financial health programs for women. This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about the mission of Budget Buddies to support our growth and expansion, allowing us to reach more women and achieve greater impact with our unique model for transformative behavioral changes.

Budget Buddies expects members of the Board of Directors will:

  • Be ambassadors to build the organization’s visibility and network;

  • Ensure Budget Buddies’ financial health through budget oversight and fundraising;

  • Financially contribute annually towards a board designated collective fundraising goal. Individual donations should be one of the member’s top donations;

  • Participate in board meetings, including preparing in advance for meetings and participating in discussion during the meetings;

  • Support in the vetting, and approval of new Directors;

  • Provide oversight of the Executive Director;

  • Disclose any conflicts of interest and recuse oneself from voting in situations where such conflicts exist.

Budget Buddies is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we aspire to build a diverse team and community

Desired skills
Branding, Communications, Fundraising
When The board meets every other month with meetings taking place via video conference. All board members serve on one committee.
Where remote
Commitment 3 to 5 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements Budget Buddies is seeking directors from diverse backgrounds who share our passion for financially
empowering low-income women and girls. We are currently looking for directors with compatible
skill sets (development, advocacy, communication) and connections (program partners, volunteers,
and potential funders) in the communities we serve.
Additional Info Budget Buddies provides women and teen girls facing financial challenges with the knowledge, confidence and support network to overcome the exceptional challenges of poverty and homelessness. We are committed to helping women help themselves -- giving them tools to pursue greater economic stability, increased educational opportunities, sustained employment, and better housing security. Budget Buddies participants, on average, see increases of 73 in their credit scores and 12 in their the CFPB Financial Wellness Score during their 3-6 month participation in our program. Budget Buddies - through our group-based, money-management workshops and one-to-one individualized coaching - is committed to creating a world where all women are empowered to improve their financial health and to be in control of their financial futures, for themselves and for their families.

Budget Buddies has a deep impact in our communities by improving the financial wellbeing and housing stability of women like Jousy, who, 3 years after graduating, shared how Budget Buddies helped her achieve her goal and reach financial stability: "I will never forget how much Budget Buddies workshops and coaching influenced my hope to achieve my "long term" goal a few years ago. My dream came true!!! I bought a town house at the end of 2017 through the Affordable Housing Program after saving money from budgeting, and thanks to God, I am doing well financially."
Our mission

Empower women to improve their financial health to create a more secure future for their families and communities.

Education, Life Skills, Poverty