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Our board Each Board member is expected to fulfill the obligations described below, and additional responsibilities depending on which Committee which they join. It is the board's responsibility to create and review a statement of mission and purpose that articulates the organization's goals, means, and primary constituents served. The Board also assures that SLM secures, uses and protects its assets to carry out its mission in accordance with the organization's by-laws. The board is responsible for ensuring that SLM operates in accordance with the purpose for which it was granted tax-exemption. The Board accomplishes this by developing and approving the annual budget, ensuring that proper financial controls are in place, and providing proper financial oversight for the organization. One of the Board's foremost responsibilities is to secure adequate resources for SLM to fulfill its mission. The board is ultimately responsible for ensuring adherence to legal standards and ethical norms. The board selects, supports and evaluates the chief executive. It must reach consensus on the chief executive's responsibilities and undertake a careful search to find the most qualified individual for the position. The board should ensure that the chief executive has the moral and professional support s/he needs to further the goals of the organization. The Board has the authority to create a structure, policies, and procedures that support good governance. It is the Board's responsibility to strengthen SLM's activities and programs by doing the following:
1) Ensure effective organizational planning by actively participating in a planning process and assisting in implementing and monitoring the plan's goals.
2) Monitor and strengthen programs and services by determining which programs are consistent with the organization's mission and monitoring their effectiveness.
3) Build a competent board by articulating prerequisites for candidates, recruiting and orienting new members, educating all members, and periodically and comprehensively evaluating the board's own performance.
Position We would welcome new board members onto any of our Committees. Our committees are: Development, Governance, Finance and Program.
Desired skills
Business Development, Communications, Finance, Fundraising, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Strategy Consulting
When Every Other Month
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements The best Board members for Silver Lining Mentoring are people who are willing and able to be vociferous advocates for our work and the youth we serve, and who share our values.
Our mission

Our mission is to empower youth in foster care to flourish through committed mentoring relationships and the development of essential life skills. Silver Lining Mentoring is the only mentoring organization in Massachusetts that exclusively serves youth in foster care.

Children, Life Skills, Social Justice & Equality