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Our mission

“Apprentice Learning provides real-world work experiences for eighth graders. At such a critical period in a young person’s life, these are the opportunities that ignite growth and change: sparking passions and interests, giving purpose to the present, and more importantly, to a young person’s future. Our aim is to launch dreams and plans for our city’s youth that lead to success in high school, college and career. At Apprentice Learning, experience ignites purpose.
Founded in 2012, Apprentice Learning (AL) partners with schools to teach career skills and help students enter the workforce equipped for success. Focused specifically on career readiness for Boston middle school students, AL serves over 300 students annually through 12-15-hour workplace-based apprenticeships, one-day workplace explorations, a summer job placement service, and a summer program for girls. We teach essential workplace practices, support the transition from middle to high school, and expand students’ networks with opportunities to thrive.”


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