114 16th Street, Charlestown, Ma
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Our mission

“e” inc. is the planet science learning and action organization working with inner-city children and youth across two cities, bringing them the science of the planet and the skills to make a difference. We work in day schools, after schools, and youth organizations/teams and we we remain at each site for the entire school year.  Presently we serve 32 sites weekly.  Note: in summer we provide added programing to sites upon request, as well as, providing two distinct programs across the summer and a 3-week end of summer camp program for families.

Animals, Children, Education, Environment
About us

“e” inc. is a 22 year old non profit that works across 2 cities providing hands-on science and action projects for children and youth.  With 14 curriculums available, day schools, after schools, and youth models choose topics that are interesting to their teams and help learners make gains in science understanding and science engagement.  In general, given the limits of science programming for city children at the present, “e” inc. is central to the science involvements of city kids.