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Our mission

One Can Help (OCH)  provides the missing resources underserved children and families in the child welfare system urgently need to improve difficult lives and take positive steps forward. For example, paying for urgently needed car repair so a parent can get their child to school, or beds so relatives can take in children when parents are unable to adequately care for them, is often a better alternative to foster care.

Quickly and responsibly providing individualized resources that help address and remedy concerns, makes better outcomes possible. Advancing social justice and equity for all.

OCH has helped more than 18,000 children and families since 2006 across MA, approximately 2/3 of whom identify as of color.

Children, Education, Health, Hunger, Life Skills, Poverty, Social Justice & Equality
About us

Juvenile court attorneys and social workers created OCH in 2006, because the vulnerable children and families they worked with needed more support than government or related organizations could offer. OCH is the only non-profit that solely focusses on providing the missing resources children and families in the system ,who are trying hard to build better futures,  need to succeed, both in life and in court. Because poverty should not be what holds people back.