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Our mission

The Hildreth Institute, a trusted source of independent research, is committed to driving systemic change in higher education by promoting affordability, accountability, and equity, empowering advocates and decision-makers with student-centered, equity-driven policy analysis, thereby, fostering an inclusive and transformative educational landscape.

Education, Social Justice & Equality

Hildreth Institute Board Member

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About us

Co-founded in 2018 by Bob Hildreth and Dr. Bahar Akman Imboden, the Hildreth Institute is an independent research and policy institute that seeks to confront the inequities that are embedded in our higher education systems. After a decade of working directly with students and families from underserved communities, we recognized that transformational change could not be achieved without addressing the underlying systemic factors that perpetuate those inequities.

At the Hildreth Institute, we envision an inclusive world-class higher education system that ensures students have the support and financial resources they need to fully realize their educational and career goals.