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Our mission

To disrupt the violence that surrounds girls by amplifying their voices, emboldening their courage, and imparting critical life and self-defense skills so they can take on challenges with confidence.

Children, Life Skills, Social Justice & Equality

Board Member

Desired skills: Branding, Digital Marketing, Fundraising, Legal

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About us

Girls’ LEAP interrupts the cycle of violence by empowering girls and young women to value and champion their own safety and well-being. We teach girls that they have a right to be safe and how to defend themselves when necessary. We believe all girls deserve to grow up safe and free from violence – and that empowerment is violence prevention. Our goal is to provide girls with the tools and skills to keep themselves safe, both emotionally and physically. We partner with local schools and community centers to deliver empowerment and self-defense services to girls aged 8-18 in Greater Boston.