Board Member – Marketing/Events

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Our board

Rev. Dr. Sandy Range – Board Chair/CEO

Misha Thomas – Board Co-Chair

Jasmin Davis Shearer – (Acting) Secretary/Paladin Director


Marketing and Social Media Committee

Promotes the organization in a healthy light through creative marketing, writing, editing and distributing content for web, email and social media platforms that elevates the organization's brand. Increases familiarity and knowledge among the public and followers on social media platforms about key issues related to BIPOC elders' well-being and how the organization and its' allies are collectively making progress.

Desired skills
Event Management, Marketing*
When Initially 3-4 times per month -
Where Zoom
Commitment 7+ hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.

Please be aware that this Board will not have a hierarchical/patriarchal structure and that every member has equal rights and authority. (see bylaws).

Must have a strong spiritual/animist base, an open mind, and reverence for our BIPOC elders. Effective communication skills (empathizing, listening, speaking, observing, etc.). Must be representative and/or strongly supportive of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) grandmothers we seek to serve. Be in support of a healthy eco-environment. Believe that our elders have rights to fresh air, clean sustainable environments, organic foods, and a place to hone and practice whatever spiritual, metaphysical, medicine-based practices they have.


If you are interested in particpating as a Board or Committee or Ad Hoc member, please submit your resume or CV.  If approved we will invite you to an interview via Zoom.  If approved, next steps will be the Board Application and Agreemement. All Board members are asked to commit to three (3) years of service.

Our mission

The Grandmothers Village Project is a not-for-profit organization founded to uphold and provide respect, honor, and care for our Elders, centering on our Grandmothers. Our mission is to foster a healthy and sustainable environment; promote social, economic, environmental, housing, food, and spiritual justice, and strengthen democracy for our BIPOC Elder Women/Grandmothers, and Grandfathers.

Environment, Health, Hunger, Poverty, Senior Services, Social Justice & Equality