Board Member – Marketing/Events
The Midas Collaborative

18r Shepard St #100, Boston, MA 02135

Board Member – Marketing/Events

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Our board The Midas Collaborative helps advance the financial security of low and moderate income residents across Massachusetts.

Midas works predominantly with communities of color, women, and working class families who have been historically oppressed and repressed by biased economic systems. Midas's work directly supports matched savings programs and includes advocacy for fairer laws and regulations, including abolishing predatory debt collection practices and unfair use of credit reports.
Position Looking for a Board member with expertise in events and marketing and time to use those skills to assist Midas increase revenue.
Desired skills
Event Management, Communications*, Marketing*
When Once every 6 weeks
Where Videoconference for now
Commitment 5 to 7 hours/month
Donation Organization requires a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
Requirements Directors serve 3 year terms ending at the third annual meeting of members, typically held in December, following their election.
Our mission

Midas is a not-for-profit network of organizations promoting financial security and empowerment for low and moderate income residents of Massachusetts. Midas, along with our network of non-profit community-based organizations, integrates community development and education with asset building and asset preservation initiatives, assisting thousands of Massachusetts residents to save money, invest in assets, repair credit, avoid financial predators, and increase their economic mobility. Midas’ MassSaves network provides financial education, advocacy, and capacity building programs to partners, service providers, and the community.