Board Member – Governance
Somerville Homeless Coalition

1 Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144

Board Member – Governance

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Our board The Somerville Homeless Coalition seeks prospective Board Members that embrace our mission, vision and values. In particular, we are seeking individuals that are highly motivated and willing to commit time, effort and expertise to help SHC advance its mission.
Position The board member responsible for governance creates best practices in board recruitment, engagement and continuous improvement. Both a visionary and strategic, this board position requires a broad background of experiences, is willing question present practices and is experienced in group performance dynamics.
Desired skills
Legal, Strategy Consulting, Board*
Where Somerville or via ZOOM
Commitment 3 to 5 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements We are seeking to recruit new individuals for our general board of directors membership, including individuals willing to actively participate on a minimum of one committee.
Our mission

The mission of the Somerville Homeless Coalition is to provide homeless and near homeless individuals and families with individualized supportive services and tailored housing solutions with a goal of obtaining and maintaining affordable housing.