Board Member – Finance
Farrington Nature Linc

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Board Member – Finance

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Our board Farrington Nature Linc's board provides big picture oversight and thought around the growth of the organization. The board meets in the evening, over Zoom, every 6 weeks year round. Trustees are expected to attend board meeting and participate in the work of at least one committee.

Potential Trustees will serve on a board committee for six months. At that time, our Governance Committee will check in to see if the potential Trustee has interest in full board membership. Positions run for one year, aligning with our fiscal year (7/1- 6/30)
Position Our Asset Management Committee is looking for new members who fit the skill set below and have a love of nature/outdoors/the environment and/or are people who live in or grew up in low-income, urban areas and are familiar with our mission based population.

Our Asset Management Committee provides advice and support to the Executive Director in areas of financial management, property maintenance, big picture financial planning and ideas to monetize the property.
Desired skills
Accounting, Business Development, Facilities, Legal
When Currently our Asset Management Committee meets one Tuesday evening a month via Zoom.
Where Zoom
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Additional Info Asset Management Committee

The Asset Management Committee (AMC), chaired by a trustee other than the President and including the Treasurer and the Executive Director, oversees and supports the management of the organization’s financial and property assets and operations.

More specifically, the AMC:

  • Develops policies on and manages the investment portfolio.

  • Develops policies covering receipt and disbursement of funds, internal controls, bank and investment accounts, and contractual agreements.

  • Oversees and approves creation and implementation of staff human resource policies.

  • Oversees hiring of services for insurance, legal, accounting, and tax preparation.

  • Develops budgets and regularly reports status of budget and portfolio to the Board.

  • Ensures compliance with all federal, state and other reporting requirements.

  • Presents regular financial statements, undertakes long-range financial planning, and makes recommendations on financial issues to the Board.

  • Oversees management of the organization’s land, buildings, and equipment.

  • Oversees hiring of external contractors for property management and for repairs and improvements.

  • Negotiates leases on rental properties, including residential and revenue-generating uses, and ensures compliance with any lease agreements.

  • Provides for maintaining buildings and grounds in conditions that are safe, sound, legally compliant, and supportive of agreed-upon program activities.

  • Regularly reports property conditions and concerns to the full Board.

Our mission

Farrington’s mission is to enhance the well-being of children from low-income communities through a connection with the natural world. Our 75 acres of woodlands, fields, and ponds are dedicated to providing respite and inspiration for children who might not otherwise have this opportunity.

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