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Our board YNPN Boston is seeking individuals who are hungry for leadership opportunities and can propel our programs to new heights—highly energetic, driven, and organized individuals to serve on the YNPN Boston Board of Directors. Each Board Member serves a dual-leadership role. The first role is a Board Member, responsible for exercising sound fiscal and legal oversight of the organization. The second role is a Senior Leadership Team Member, who will manage a functional area of the organization and ensure its success. Most of our Senior Leadership Team Members are responsible for managing a team of YNPN Boston Ambassadors, who will assist in executing the team’s responsibilities.

Board members report to the YNPN Boston Board Co-Chairs and will require close collaboration with leadership across the organization. This is a great opportunity to develop skills in an area that you haven’t fully explored or to contribute your expertise to one of Greater Boston’s most influential nonprofits.

In addition to the incredible professional development opportunity that comes with taking ownership over a functional area of an organization and participating in the long-term strategic work of stewarding our mission, Board Members participate in networking and professional development meetings and receive free admission to all YNPN Boston events! Beyond skill-building, our Leadership Team is a network of over 40 like-minded, driven emerging leaders in Greater Boston’s nonprofit community! Board Members commit to serving a two-year volunteer term.
Position Board Co-Chair (2 positions open)

The YNPN Boston Co-Chairs ensure the organization’s Board of Directors fulfills its responsibilities in governing YNPN Boston as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and manages the Senior Leadership Team’s oversight of the functional areas of the organization. The Board Co-Chairs partner with the rest of the Board, Ambassadors, and other stakeholders to help the organization achieve its mission.

In addition to fulfilling the Board Member responsibilities, the Board Co-Chairs have the following responsibilities:

  • Provide the Board with leadership, vision, and direction

  • Meet with Board Members to ensure their activities align with the organization’s strategic plan, mission, and vision

  • Partner with the Director of Finance to deliver quarterly assessments of financial and legal health of the organization to the Board

  • Collaborate with Director(s) of Fundraising for revenue generation as appropriate and foster a culture of giving within the organization

  • Create agenda for Board meetings and retreats, and reach out to Board in advance for agenda items and updates

  • Facilitate Board meetings and retreats

  • Help guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance

  • Oversee organizational strategy and ensure Board participation in strategic planning

  • Proactively seek, develop, and manage relationships and communications with funders, partners, and additional stakeholders

  • Co-Chair the Executive Committee*, including planning and facilitating committee meetings

  • Ensure the organization’s commitment to a diverse Leadership Team that reflects the sector

  • Foster a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and transparency throughout the organization

  • Represent YNPN Boston as spokesperson at events and other activities

  • Build and maintain relationships across organizations working to improve talent and effectiveness in the nonprofit space


  • Demonstrated passion for, commitment to, and deep understanding of the YNPN Boston mission and the ability to articulate the organization’s mission and vision

  • Experience working collaboratively to engage and manage teams with diverse viewpoints toward buy-in for mission-aligned vision and outcomes

  • Experience with shared leadership and commitment to cultivating a strong, supportive working partnership with a colleague or partner, playing to each other’s strengths, and adapting as needed to ensure the organization’s needs are met

  • Experience with developing and implementing outcomes metrics

  • Excellent listening, written, and oral communication skills

  • Knowledge of fundamental organizational financial management principles

  • A proactive and highly responsive communication style and the ability to inspire, motivate and support volunteers in an entrepreneurial and largely virtual environment

  • Deep, proven involvement in Boston’s nonprofit community

  • A strong commitment to and familiarity with equity, diversity, and inclusion

Desired skills
Board*, Management*, Strategy Consulting*
When Monthly
Where Zoom
Commitment 7+ hours/month
Donation We strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements As a YNPN Boston Board Member, I will:
- Commit to serving a two-year term, renewable by board vote
- Dedicate an average of 5 hours per week to YNPN Boston-related activities, work, and management.
Note: Depending on your team, some months may be more or less busy than others
- Serve as a board member (governing) and senior leadership team member (managing):
Board Member - Exercise sound, responsible fiscal and legal oversight of the organization and steward the mission of YNPN Boston
Senior Leadership Team Member - Engage in strategic oversight, appropriate delegation, and management of a functional area of the organization (as designated) and take responsibility for its success as part of the overall strategy of the organization
- Make every attempt to attend the following, which take place in the evenings:
Monthly board meetings (2 hours)
Quarterly Leadership Team meetings and socials (1 hour)
Monthly YNPN Boston events (1-2 hours)
- Communicate in a timely manner if I cannot complete a task or attend a meeting or event.
- Make an annual gift at a level that is meaningful to me (suggested range: $50 to $100)
- Respond to all YNPN Boston-related emails within 48 hours
- Represent YNPN Boston to the Greater Boston community (and beyond!)
- Be a team player in supporting the mission of YNPN Boston.

Some board members* manage a team of 4-6 ambassadors. As an ambassador manager, I will:
- Plan and facilitate monthly team meetings with my Ambassadors
- Provide project management and ensure the work completed by my team aligns with organizational goals
- Invest in the leadership and professional development of my Ambassadors

*These positions are Communications and Marketing, Fundraising, Programming and Events, Research and Evaluation, and Talent and Recruitment

My 5 hours per week dedicated to YNPN Boston could include but may not be limited to:
- Participating in the meetings and events listed above
- Meeting and/or communicating with my Co-Director (if applicable) regarding team projects and priorities
- Planning and facilitating monthly meetings for the ambassador team (if applicable)
- Managing my Ambassador team (if applicable) by providing oversight and support of their work, assessing their experience, and providing them with ongoing professional development
- Communicating with other Leadership Team members regarding projects and collaboration efforts

In return, YNPN Boston will:
- Be understanding of busy lives
- Give timely notice for important dates
- Support you in your professional and personal growth
- Connect you to professional development opportunities and a network of peers
- Provide free admissions to all YNPN Boston professional development events
- Provide you with opportunities to practice new skill sets
- Challenge you to think critically and strategically
On-boarding Onboarding begins with board orientation in June.
Additional Info Visit our website for more information and the link to apply:
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Our goal is to develop a stronger, higher impact nonprofit community in Boston by engaging young talent and their organizations in professional development and human capital management practices.

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