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North Shore Health Project

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Our board The Board is a relatively small (8 members at present) but diverse group of individuals who have supported and guided the organization since its founding in 1989. They have helped guide it as its focus started with HIV/AIDS, expanded to hepatitis C as that became a serious community health issue, and most recently became one of the few State supported substance use harm reduction centers with includes a needle exchange program. While we are located in Gloucester, we are seeking to expand our services throughout the North Shore and Essex County. All members are encouraged to participate at each meeting; the atmosphere is collegial and supportive. There is an excellent relationship between the Board and the Executive Director.
Position We are seeking additional Board members with interest in our service areas - HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and substance use. Many present Board members have professional or personal (themselves, family members, loved ones) with these issues, but that is not necessary. Interest in healthcare delivery for underserved populations would be a plus. Please see our website for a description of the organization.
Desired skills
Board, Fundraising, Grants, Legal, Social Media
When Fridays 8:30 - 10AM, every 4 to 6 weeks depending on need and member availability
Where Zoom; pre-Covid meetings had been in Gloucester with some members participating by phone; Zoom will likely continue to be an option in the future
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements Board members are expected to attend each meeting; absence at 3 consecutive meetings is cause for review. Board members should have an interest and commitment to at least one of our core areas - HIOV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and substance use. We are looking to expand our Board diversity in regards to youth, gender and ethnicity, but interest and participation are the key attributes we seek.
On-boarding Potential members meet with the Board chair, another Board member, and the Executive Director to obtain a full understanding of the organization and the Board. A Board member handbook is available which includes member responsibilities and rights. New members are assigned a "Board buddy" for continued education and clarification. Terms are for 3 years and are renewable.
Additional Info The Board would benefit from increased diversity; at present all members are white males, several over 60 years of age. Previous Board experience is not required; we are happy to have a new member grow while she/he/they help us grow.
Our mission

Originally formed by friends, loved ones, and those impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, over the years NSHP has grown to include client advocacy, case management, needle exchange, community education, overdose prevention, testing for HIV, STI, and Hepatitis C, and LGBTQ+ services.

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