Arts for Learning of Massachusetts

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Arts for Learning of Massachusetts

89 South St, Boston, MA 02111
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Our mission

The Mission of Arts for Learning Massachusetts is to educate, inspire, and empower the youth of Massachusetts through the arts.

Arts & Culture, Children, Education

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About us

We believe that the arts are an essential component of both formal education and youth development, and that creative expression opens worlds. We recognize the transformational power of the arts for social justice and healing. We are committed to providing youth of all abilities, identities, and backgrounds access to the rich educational opportunities and sense of belonging inherent in arts learning. Our programming for PreK-12 grade students in schools, libraries, community centers, museums, hospitals, shelters and adaptive learning environments:

  • brings curriculum vibrantly to life
  • strengthens learning and social skills
  • inspires imagination and develops creativity
  • promotes cultural understanding and awakens empathy
  • introduces students to powerful modes of self-expression
  • encourages students to create, risk, explore, and discover their unique potential
  • can be a tool for social change