The Midas Collaborative

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The Midas Collaborative

18r Shepard St #100, Boston, Ma 02135, Usa
Our mission

Midas is a not-for-profit network of organizations promoting financial security and empowerment for low and moderate income residents of Massachusetts. Midas, along with our network of non-profit community-based organizations, integrates community development and education with asset building and asset preservation initiatives, assisting thousands of Massachusetts residents to save money, invest in assets, repair credit, avoid financial predators, and increase their economic mobility. Midas’ MassSaves network provides financial education, advocacy, and capacity building programs to partners, service providers, and the community.


Board Member – Marketing/Events

Desired skills: Event Management, Communications*, Marketing*

Board Member – Governance

Desired skills: Board*, Diversity/Inclusion, Fundraising, Legal*

Board Member – Finance

Desired skills: Accounting, Finance*, Fundraising

Board Member

Desired skills: Branding, Communications*, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Writing/Editing

Board Member – Fundraising

Desired skills: Fundraising*, Grants
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