Committee Member – Governance
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Committee Member – Governance

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Our board The Board of Pathways for Children, Inc. is a group of community leaders committed to supporting and promoting the services Pathways provides to more than 2,500 children and family members from northeast Massachusetts. The leadership of dedicated and informed Directors is critical to the implementation of Pathways’ mission and success.
Position The role of the Governance Committee at Pathways for Children has two basic functions. First, to ensure appropriate governing policies and duties for the Board are created and enforced. In other words, overseeing how the Board manages itself.  Second, to regularly qualify and nominate new Board members.


·       Develop and recommend to the Board corporate governance principles applicable to the Board to ensure that the Board is serving the organization most effectively.

·       Monitor governance and compliance issues, such as conducting annual meetings and filing the appropriate paperwork with State authorities.

·       Ensure that an adequate and regular review process of the CEO is completed.

·       Monitor and assess the relationship between the Board and managers ensuring that the Board continues to function independently from the management.

·       Provide guidance and a structure of balance to the Board as it relates to sex, race, professional function, geography and experience

·       Screen, review, and recommend new Board of Directors candidates to the Board.

·       Oversee the adequate onboarding of new Board members including assigning a mentor to each new Board member.

·       Ensure that each Board member is adhering to the expectations of the bylaws and the Board expectations document.

The Committee will be comprised of at least 3 members of the current Pathways for Children Board of Directors. All members of the Governance Committee must be approved by the Board.

The Committee will meet 4 times a year (once a quarter) unless special meetings are required.
Desired skills
When The Governance Committee meets four times a year
Where Currently the committee meets virtually
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements Members of the Board of Directors of Pathways are expected to:

1. Participate in key decision making and assume responsibility for the oversight of the organization, as well as:
• Engage in strategic planning processes and implementation as appropriate.
• Set short and long-term goals.
• Develop, review, and approve program policies and procedures.
• Ensure Pathway’s financial health and viability.
• Assure compliance with Governance procedures as set forth in the bylaws.

2. Understand Pathways’ role in the community and communicate its mission effectively, presenting a positive public image of the organization.

3. Attend and fully participate in scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors, attending to the business of the board in an informed and timely manner:
• Provide advance notice of unavoidable absence.
• Attend Annual board meeting and annual planning session.
• Support Pathways events through attendance, outreach, and contribution to the best of one’s ability.

4. Serve on at least one Board committee or ad hoc group.
8. Time commitment:
• Board of Directors: 6 meetings a year (about 15 hours annually)
• Standing committee commitment:
i. Finance & Audit Committee: 6 meetings a year (about 9 hours annually)
ii. Development Committee: 6 meetings a year (about 9 hours annually)
iii. Governance Committee: 4 meetings a year (about 6 hours annually)
iv. Retirement Plan Oversight Committee: 2 meetings a year (about 3 hours annually)

5. Provide counsel in specific areas of expertise:
• Be available to the President of Pathways and the Board Chair.
• Be willing to serve as a mentor to new Board members.

6. Support Pathways operations with an annual financial contribution that is personally meaningful to and generous for you. Pathways should be one of your top three charities – and for many, the charity of choice.

7. Identify and cultivate, as appropriate, additional support for Pathways through personal corporate and philanthropic connections.
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