Board Member – Governance
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Board Member – Governance

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Our board BOD Mission:
1. To create a BOD that values all gifts, time and talents of its members and reflects the diversity of the communities served by Jeff’s Place
2. To motivate and inspire individuals, stakeholders, foundations and corporations to support the organization’s financial needs and community-building mission
3. To foster a sense of responsibility and pride in all members with regards to their contributions** on the Board

BOD Essential Roles:
1. Having a fiduciary responsibility to the financial sustainability and growth of Jeff’s Place
2. Hiring, supporting, evaluating and supervising the Executive Director
3. Ensuring the fulfillment of the mission of Jeff’s Place and continuing to define and navigate the success of its vision
Position Job Description: The governance committee is responsible for the general affairs of the board and for making recommendations to strengthen board effectiveness. In addition, the governance committee oversees the nominating process for board members and officers. The governance committee:
1. Develops and periodically reviews the job descriptions for the officers, the board members, and committees.
2.      Creates and periodically reviews and updates the board’s by-laws, policy guidelines, and practices.
3.      Develops and periodically reviews the executive director’s job description.
4.      Regularly reviews the board’s practices regarding committees, board member participation, conflict of interest, etc., and suggests improvements as needed.
5.      Provides ongoing counsel to the board chair and other board leaders on ways to enhance board effectiveness.
6.      Assesses current and anticipated needs related to board composition, determining the knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities, and access to resources the board will need in order to accomplish the future work of the board.
7.      In cooperation with the board chair, contacts each board member to assess his or her continuing interest in serving on the board and works with each board member to identify the appropriate role he or she might assume on behalf of the organization.
8.      Establishes a nominating committee (sub-committee of governance) to ensure that qualified candidates are recruited and nominated for board service.
9. Designs and oversees a process for orienting new board members.
10. Designs and implements an ongoing program for board education.
11.   Develops and executes a board self-evaluation, preferably on an annual basis.
12.   Develops and executes an annual executive director evaluation.
13. Creates the executive director succession plan.
14. Creates and oversees a succession planning process for the board chair and other board officers.
Desired skills
Business Development, Legal, Board*
When The Board of Directors meets every other month in person or via zoom. On the "off" month, it is expected that each committee meets as needed for their own business that the chair of that committee reports during the board meeting or as needed.
Where The 6 board meetings are held in person when possible at 281 Pleasant Street in Framingham. During COVID-19, we meet via Zoom. Committee monthly meetings are typically zoom or conference calls.
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements Minimum Requirements for Board Members:
1. Provide an annual financial donation to Jeff’s Place, and make Jeff’s Place a top philanthropic priority
2. Serve on at least one board committee
3. Attend all BOD meetings and related committee meetings
On-boarding Each potential board member meets with our board chair, a member of the governance committee, and the Founder & CEO. If everyone decides it's a good fit, the new board member is assigned a board mentor for onboarding and given a BOD manual (we are revising this currently).
Our mission

Our mission is catalyzed through research, education and social
action; engaging Latino, Black and Indigenous communities in efforts that
advance racial health equity.

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