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Board Member – Fundraising

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Our board BEST Hospitality Training is a non-profit workforce development program focused on the hospitality industry. We partner with UNITE HERE Local 26, the hotel and restaurant workers' union to provide high-quality incumbent worker training and we get grants to provide training and career coaching to help un and under-employed people get quality hospitality jobs. During Covid, we made a quick and temporary pivot to training for housekeeping jobs in hospitals. The BEST Board is quite small. We are seeking new members to provide support to the Executive Director and strengthen the organization as we move forward post-Covid.
Position To date, BEST has relied primarily on city, state, federal, and private foundation grants to support our programming. We have never had a full-time fundraiser on staff and have never done a sustained campaign to raise money from individual donors. Things may have changed. BEST is facing a deficit due to the impact on Covid on the hospitality industry. At the same time, we have thousands of hospitality workers out of work and there is significant attention focused on the plight of the hard-working people in low-wage jobs or out of work.  BEST has the network of hospitality workers, the capacity to offer classes in English, technology, skills training, etc. to help people move into jobs or better jobs. There are also opportunities out there to tap into potential new grant funding.  BEST staff is down to a skeletal crew due to layoffs. We seek an experienced fundraiser ready to dive in to do the work of raising revenue. We use Salesforce for NonProfits, have a MailChimp account, and a website. We have grant language templates and years of proposals to refer to.
Desired skills
Grants, Fundraising*
When Quarterly board meetings that are two hours or less in March, June, September and December.
Where Currently online. Pre-Covid we met at our Medford office, on the Orange Line, just outside of Boston.
Commitment 5 to 7 hours/month
Donation Organization strives for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements The BEST Board meets four times a year and asks that all board members give or get whatever annual contribution they can. Going forward, we're looking for board members to be more involved in fundraising and networking to provide needed resources to the organization.
On-boarding New Board Members will meet with current BEST Board Members and get an orientation on requirements and expectations. BEST's Executive Director will meet one-on-one with new board members and encourage them to attend BEST's events such as a training, class or graduation event.
Additional Info This is a great opportunity for someone to really make a difference. There's wonderful potential to raise revenue and help thousands of workers get new jobs, and/or thrive and advance in their current jobs. We are seeking someone who is willing to spend considerable time with the Executive Director and move us to the next level.
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